Do any of the following apply to you?
  • Mixed results on marketing due to limited budget/resources and ability to follow-through
  • Knowing that you have to start social media, but not sure where or how
  • No easy way to find out what best practices are for marketing a firm like yours 
  • Your firm set an aggressive growth projection but is unsure how to get there

If so, Marketing Sense for Business LLC can keep your professional services or B2B firm focused and moving forward.  We find clever ways to help small to midsize firms build visbility and grow their revenues.  That's why our motto is Building Business Without Breaking the Bank.

Bruce acts as an outsourced marketing director. Services include:

  1. Training on LinkedIn for Business Development and relationship management
  2. Rebranding smaller firms on a budget
  3. Tapping new vertical markets and lead sources
  4. Individual marketing plans and support, such as speaking engagements

Please visit the "Engagements" or "Resources" pages for the latest news or projects.


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